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How To: Simplify The Lead Generation Process With Facebook

5 Reasons You Should Try Facebook Lead Ads Today

It’s easy to get caught in a single, repetitive process when you’re hyper-focused on acquiring leads. If you’ve tested, tested and tested again to find the most efficient method of gathering that holy grail of customer data, why change your process now? But perhaps you’ve only optimized that process, without evaluating other methods of lead generation. Maybe your whole way of thinking about leads needs to shift in order to streamline the process and lower your cost per lead.

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How To: Reduce Cost Per Lead by 75% On Facebook

Determine the cost of a lead.

If you’ve run a few Facebook campaigns but haven’t tried Facebook Lead Ads yet, now is a great time to start. Facebook Lead Ads are a powerful way to connect with customers right on Facebook, without interrupting their browsing experience or making your team build yet another landing page. But they are also a little more challenging to set up. We’ve created this introduction to Facebook Lead Ads to guide you through what you need to know, and how to setup your first Facebook Lead Ad campaign.

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How To: Develop a Perfect Context Card

Context Card for Facebook Lead Ad.

A Facebook lead ad can be a highly effective method of attracting customers, with or without a Context Card. While browsing on Facebook, users can simply input their information directly in the ad, without having to click off and interrupt what they were doing. This makes it much easier for them to provide the information that you want, since if falls in line with the natural flow of the actions they are already taking. But sometimes they need a little more information, in the form of a Facebook Lead Ad Context Card.

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