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How a TikTok Ban Could Boost Your Email Engagement

As TikTok comes under fire and faces a potential ban, Meta has responded with a removal of Reels incentives as they anticipate less competition. This has left social media creators scrambling to determine which platform to prioritize. Our guess? Meta will be victorious, but paydays may be smaller. Which leaves room for new content to crop up, and makes this the perfect time for you to bolster your social media presence.

The threat of a TikTok ban is compressing creators, and therefore users and viewers, to other platforms. That means there are more active eyeballs on Facebook and Instagram than ever before. Which makes it the perfect time to start using these platforms. You’ll be able to achieve wider reach more quickly thanks to an influx of users.

By removing some of the content bonuses and incentives, Meta has also left the door wide open for new creators. Many veteran creators will slow down posting without these lucrative bonuses, which means there will be less content competition. So it’s also the perfect time to start posting organic content.

Consistent, organic content and strategic, targeted paid promotion will pay off big time (and in no time) on Facebook, at least in part thanks to the shift away from TikTok. Make sure to include lead generation ads in your strategy to grow your email list. And consider a multi-channel content strategy that pairs your email content with organic posts and boosts to drive your message home and increase engagement.

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