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How a TikTok Ban Could Boost Your Email Engagement

As TikTok comes under fire and faces a potential ban, Meta has responded with a removal of Reels incentives as they anticipate less competition. This has left social media creators scrambling to determine which platform to prioritize. Our guess? Meta will be victorious, but paydays may be smaller. Which leaves room for new content to crop up, and makes this the perfect time for you to bolster your social media presence.

The threat of a TikTok ban is compressing creators, and therefore users and viewers, to other platforms. That means there are more active eyeballs on Facebook and Instagram than ever before. Which makes it the perfect time to start using these platforms. You’ll be able to achieve wider reach more quickly thanks to an influx of users.

By removing some of the content bonuses and incentives, Meta has also left the door wide open for new creators. Many veteran creators will slow down posting without these lucrative bonuses, which means there will be less content competition. So it’s also the perfect time to start posting organic content.

Consistent, organic content and strategic, targeted paid promotion will pay off big time (and in no time) on Facebook, at least in part thanks to the shift away from TikTok. Make sure to include lead generation ads in your strategy to grow your email list. And consider a multi-channel content strategy that pairs your email content with organic posts and boosts to drive your message home and increase engagement.

Ready to get started? A free evaluation will set you up for success with lead generation ads on Instagram and Facebook.

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Three Easy Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

Facebook continues to be the 800 pound gorilla of social media. Everyone uses it (even if they don’t like to admit it). The site keeps adding features and content opportunities, each one geared towards gathering more data on users. And while users eat it up, scrolling, tapping and viewing for hours at a time, many brands see declining engagement as it becomes easier than ever to create content. Here are three ways you can keep eyeballs on your brand.

Post to Stories

Facebook loves to incentivize its new products, and Stories are it. Whether you cross-post from Instagram or keep it exclusive to Facebook, the site is known to reward consistent Story uploads with greater reach. Stories are easy to create, as users look for a natural, authentic and less produced or polished feel, so this is something you can start very easily and quickly.

Utilize Lookalike Targeting

Posting to Stories is a free, organic way to gain reach and engagement. If you are willing to invest a little bit of advertising spend, you can fast-track your engagement. First, create a custom audience of people who engage with your content already. Then create a lookalike audience of people like them. This will be your target audience. Finally, create an ad campaign with an engagement objective that targets this new lookalike. By optimizing to the engagement objective, with an audience highly likely to engage, you should see increased engagement quickly and efficiently. 

Run Lead Generation Ads

If you are ready to invest in paid advertising on Facebook, lead generation ads can really level up your engagement. They are very easy to setup, and the entire form field lives within Facebook itself. There is no need for users to click off to another site, and once they’ve joined your list, you can retarget on Facebook and in email. You should also see engagement rates rise, as people who joined your list are likely to be served more content immediately after joining and will also feel more of a connection to your brand, leading to more likes and comments.

Ready to get started? A free evaluation will set you up for success with lead generation ads on Facebook and beyond.

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Start Your New Year with More Qualified Leads

Did you know that this is the best time of year to grow your email list? Cold weather sends everyone indoors, and there are only so many board games to play and movies to watch. Internet browsing and phone scrolling goes way up, and with it, a large, captive audience for you to target. If you’ve been waiting to build your lead generation pool, this is the perfect time to fill it.

Utilize Facebook For Scale

Facebook has a nearly incomparable user base, all of whom are sharing a wealth of data with the platform. This makes it easier than ever to target precisely and spend your advertising dollars efficiently. And with more active users on the platform in the winter, you may see larger reach and greater efficiencies than at other times of the year.

Try Lead Ads For Ease

Facebook Lead Ads utilize the powerful targeting options of all Facebook advertising products, and they are also one of the easiest to set up. They don’t require as much custom creative as a video ad or Story, just a simple photo and a form you build right within Facebook. You don’t need a landing page either, as all of the information is self-contained within the Facebook platform. This makes Facebook Lead Ads literally one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate leads without landing pages.

Make Signing Up Easy For Leads

Another great benefit of Facebook Lead Ads is that the user never has to leave the platform. Facebook is incredibly sticky, and users are hesitant to click away from what they are viewing or doing. Facebook recognizes this and made Lead Ads frictionless. The form pops up right within Facebook, no landing page required and no leaving the site. But even better than that, Facebook will pre-fill the user’s information. All they have to do is verify and click submit!

Facebook Lead Ads are truly one of the easiest ways to generate leads without landing pages, and this is the perfect time to do it. Ready to get started? A free evaluation will set you on the right path

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Three Reasons to Run Facebook Lead Ads

opt-in advertising

Lead generation is an important part of any marketing strategy. But there are many different ways to run campaigns. One of the easiest, and often overlooked, is Facebook. Facebook Lead Ads have been around for several years, but they fly under the radar to some of the new advertising products. Other marketers’ mistakes are your gain, as you can quickly generate leads at scale on a platform nearly everyone uses. Here are three reasons to try Facebook lead generation today.

1. Facebook Has Scale

Let’s face it: just about everyone has a Facebook account. Some may login more than they admit, but nearly everyone can be found browsing the social media site at some point. The connection to friends and family has given way to content, and users visit daily to consume the latest information. All of those scrolling fingers provide a large pool of potential leads.

2. Facebook Has A Wealth of Data

That content consumption tells Facebook a lot about their users. What videos do they watch until the end? What articles will the comment on or send to a friend? How long are they reading a post? Each action gives them more knowledge about what users are looking for, whether it’s an overt shopping recommendation or a more passive life stage or milestone. All this information creates a very sophisticated targeting pool for advertisers.

3. Facebook Makes Lead Ads Easy

Facebook knows a lot about its users. This is great for targeting, since they know what people are interested and engaged with. But they also have all of a user’s basic information, like name and email. This makes lead generation incredibly easy, as Facebook Lead Ads can pre-populate lead form fields with known information. This saves time for the user and makes it that much easier for them to click submit and join your email list.

Ready to get started? A free evaluation can set you on the right path for Facebook Lead Generation.

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Are Facebook Lead Ads Still a Viable Option?

make opt-in lead ads work

Facebook continues to tackle data privacy issues and false news accusations. Combine that with historically high pricing for Facebook Lead Ads, and many are left wondering if the platform is worth including in any lead generation plan. While target Cost Per Lead (CPL) will vary by industry and individual, we have a few thoughts on Facebook Lead Ads in an era of increasing focus on data privacy.

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4 Fast Facts About Facebook Lead Generation

When Facebook unveiled Facebook Lead Ads, it was considered a groundbreaking product for lead generation. Facebook’s depth of knowledge on their users is unprecedented for an ad network, and the wealth of information shared on the platform could be considered a goldmine for leads. But Facebook lead generation never caught on in the way many hoped it would, or assumed it could. High cost per lead was often cited as a major factor, and recent changes have only made it more difficult to generate leads at scale with Facebook Lead Ads. Considering Facebook lead generation for your business? Here are four fast facts you need to know first:

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