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How To: Use Your Unsubscribed Email List

Email marketing is a powerful tool. Your email database is owned by you, and while you rely on an Email Service Provider to deliver the email, it’s much less risky than being left to the whims of social media platforms. The only potential downside is that it can take time to build your list, and once someone unsubscribes, they are lost forever. Or are they?

No, you cannot email your unsubscriber list. They have opted out, so all inbox action is off-limits. But what you can do is retarget them outside of the email inbox and try to entice them to opt-in again. We specialize in this type of advertising, which uses anonymized or hashed data to securely search for just those email addresses provided. In this case, it’s an unsubscribed list of emails. When a user on this list is confirmed, we can target them with a co-registration ad that makes it easy to subscribe to your email list right then and there.

The old saying that “it’s easier to keep a customer than to create a new one” applies here. These unsubscribers are familiar with you and easier to convert than someone brand new. Plus, you only pay for those confirmed opt-ins, making it a highly cost-effective way to keep your list engaged.

Ready to get started? A free evaluation will set you up for success in targeting both new and returning subscribers to help build your email database.

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How To: Win Back Unsubscribers For The Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season starts earlier every year. And while it’s not quite in full swing yet, earlybird deals and preview sales are already taking over inboxes. Black Friday and Cyber Monday promise to drive tons of online and in-store traffic. ‘Tis the season to ramp up your efforts and convert those new leads into customers. But it’s also the perfect time to re-engage previous customers with a campaign to win back unsubscribers.

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Why Data Privacy Matters At Every Stage of Lead Generation

data privacy

As a marketer, data protection is probably top of mind most days. It’s clear that privacy regulations are becoming the norm, and for good reason. But without a standard policy, it can be hard to determine what is required to truly maintain data privacy and when this all needs to happen. We’re here to tell you that it’s not as complex as you might fear, but data privacy does matter at every stage of lead generation. Customer or not, it’s your job to safeguard the data of your leads, potential leads and prospects.

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How To Develop A Marketing Strategy For An Unsubscribed Email List

unsubscribed email list

You’ve got a solid email list. And a great email marketing strategy for turning sends into sales. But every email list could be bigger. And every unsubscribe list could be smaller. The key is to put those unsubscribed email addresses to work for you with a campaign to win back unsubscribers. The catch? You can’t email someone who already opted out of your list. So you’re going to need to reach them another way. But once you do, your email marketing strategy will be working twice as hard for you.

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Why Data Privacy Matters To Win Back Unsubscribers

win back unsubscribers

It’s a given to most businesses that they need to protect the data of their customers. But what about potential leads and unsubscribed users? You might not think of this data as “yours” to protect yet, but perhaps you should. Because you could be inadvertently making a very big privacy mistake if not. By applying the same data privacy policy to any data you interact with, you’ll ensure a compliant, clean database of leads and customers, as well as unsubscribed users. And that sets you up for a better, more cost-effective method of building your email list as you work to win back unsubscribers.

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