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Five Ways Facebook Lead Ads Are Different From Other Facebook Ads

When it comes to achieving campaign goals, marketers that are placing ads on Facebook have many options for their ad objective. Facebook Lead Ads offer the clear objective of conversions, which sounds like it should be everyone’s end goal. But it’s not quite that simple. As one of the newest Facebook ad products, it’s important to distinguish the differences between a link ad and a lead ad.

Traditionally, link ads take users away from Facebook, leading them to your brand’s website. They may arrive at a landing page, where you attempt to sell them a product or gather information for later follow-up. Or you may simply send them to the homepage in order to provide more information on your brand. Wherever they land, it is off of Facebook and outside of their intended action: browsing their updates. Why does that matter to you? Facebook Lead Ads allow them to remain in Facebook the whole time, making it virtually seamless for a user to opt in to your offer.

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When (and When Not) to Use A Facebook Lead Ad

When (and When Not) to Use A Facebook Lead Ad

What is a Facebook Lead Ad?

A Facebook Lead Ad provides a form for users to submit contact information. The most common request is email address, but you can ask for address, phone number, and more. The two biggest differences from other Facebook ads is the interactivity (users fill in the form right there) and the ability to stay within Facebook. That means no clicking through to your site, increasing the likelihood that someone will interact with your Facebook Lead Ad, since it doesn’t interrupt their intended action.

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Five Reasons You Should Try Facebook Lead Ads Today

5 Reasons You Should Try Facebook Lead Ads Today

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook Lead Ad are an orange among apples. What makes Lead Ads so special is that advertisers can pitch their product or service right on a user’s newsfeed, without forcing them to ever leave Facebook.

With other ad types, like link ads, users who click on your ad are taken away from their intended use of Facebook and diverted to your webpage. But with lead ads you insert a miniature lead capture form right within Facebook’s newsfeed, so the user never leaves the site. Why does that matter to you? Users are much more willing to give up information that is quick, easy and painless. They can easily click on the ad, submit the form and voila! They are back to browsing their friends’ photos without very much disruption. Facebook even pre-fills some information for them to make submission that much easier.

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