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Meet adFWD, Our New Full-Service Agency


For 15 years, we’ve generated over 500 million opt-ins, one at a time. We believe that lead generation should be easy, cost-effective, and scalable. But it doesn’t end there. Go beyond lead generation with adFWD, our new full-service advertising agency providing world class customer acquisition strategies for enterprise clients.

Our technology and targeting remains second to none, allowing you to engage consumers on a one-to-one basis across the internet. The Opt-Intelligence ad-serving technology, combined with hundreds of direct publisher relationships, creates the ideal network for quality opt ins without the use of landing pages.

With adFWD, you can extend your marketing efforts to every site your target audience frequents. Dedicated account managers and ad operation professionals develop a fully integrated marketing plan to ensure your advertising campaign is a success.

What does this mean for you? The same technology you’ve come to rely on for lead generation, backed by full-funnel advertising capabilities and a team to help you manage it all.

Ready? Stay tuned for more information soon, and let’s start building your custom plan today.

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Lead Ad Creative,

What It Really Means To Generate Leads Without Landing Pages

leads without landing pages

When it comes to lead generation, your website might not be helping you the way you think. A good website converts leads into customers, but even the best landing pages are wasted on lead generation. These potential leads don’t know you yet, so getting them to visit your site and read a lengthy landing page before submitting personal information is an expensive and highly ineffective endeavor. Here’s what it really means to generate leads without landing pages.

No Wasted Traffic, Bad Bounces or Costly Clicks

Co-registration allows users to quickly and easily opt-in directly on the site they are already browsing. There’s no need for them to choose between the site they are enjoying, and clicking over to your site. So you don’t pay for clicks that don’t sign up, poor page loads or uninterested users. Just the new leads who actually opt-in to your database.

100% Verified Opt-Ins With Tracked Consent

GPDR and CCPA have brought data privacy and opt-in to the forefront of the digital marketing conversation. But opt-in advertising has been providing verified leads with trackable proof of consent for years. So you know that every lead is marketable and compliant.

Fully Compliant Retargeting to Unsubscribers

If you can’t email unsubscribers, how do you retarget them? Through opt-in advertising. We take your unsubscribe list and hash the data to anonymize the users. Then we pre-ping websites to discover where and when your unsubscribed users are browsing and target them with specific opt-in advertising designed to win them back and resubscribe email addresses to your database.

Ready to start generating leads without landing pages? We can help you get started.

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