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What It Really Means To Generate Leads Without Landing Pages

leads without landing pages

When it comes to lead generation, your website might not be helping you the way you think. A good website converts leads into customers, but even the best landing pages are wasted on lead generation. These potential leads don’t know you yet, so getting them to visit your site and read a lengthy landing page before submitting personal information is an expensive and highly ineffective endeavor. Here’s what it really means to generate leads without landing pages.

No Wasted Traffic, Bad Bounces or Costly Clicks

Co-registration allows users to quickly and easily opt-in directly on the site they are already browsing. There’s no need for them to choose between the site they are enjoying, and clicking over to your site. So you don’t pay for clicks that don’t sign up, poor page loads or uninterested users. Just the new leads who actually opt-in to your database.

100% Verified Opt-Ins With Tracked Consent

GPDR and CCPA have brought data privacy and opt-in to the forefront of the digital marketing conversation. But opt-in advertising has been providing verified leads with trackable proof of consent for years. So you know that every lead is marketable and compliant.

Fully Compliant Retargeting to Unsubscribers

If you can’t email unsubscribers, how do you retarget them? Through opt-in advertising. We take your unsubscribe list and hash the data to anonymize the users. Then we pre-ping websites to discover where and when your unsubscribed users are browsing and target them with specific opt-in advertising designed to win them back and resubscribe email addresses to your database.

Ready to start generating leads without landing pages? We can help you get started.

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Lead Nurturing: The Final Phase of Lead Generation

There’s a lot that goes into lead generation: targeting, lead capture forms, double opt-in parameters, and more. (Yes, sometimes this includes landing pages, though we don’t recommend them.) All that effort to generate leads. And then what? Those leads need some extra attention to turn into customers. That’s where lead generation ends, and lead nurturing begins. But rather than look at them as two separate steps, we prefer to think of it as a continual process. Here are a few crucial steps in the lead nurturing phase of lead generation.

Immediate Lead Nurturing Follow-Up

The best time to begin lead nurturing is as soon as these new leads enter your database. Automated emails can be triggered almost instantaneously. If that isn’t on your roadmap quite yet, commit to manually sending emails to new leads within 24 hours of their opt-in. The sooner you begin nurturing, the sooner you can also be converting.

Personalized Lead Nurturing Messaging

Seeing your name in an email drive results. Experian reports that personalized promotional emails have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% more unique click-through rates. Personalization doesn’t have to be limited to names, either. Retarget users by displaying the products or pages they browsed on your website, or tailor messaging around important life events if you have enough data to do it.

Multi-Pronged Lead Nurturing Approach

Lead nurturing doesn’t have to stop at email. Retarget your new leads with display and social ads to kick start your conversions. You want to ensure that these highly engaged new leads convert quickly, before they forget about you or the lead generation promise that hooked them in the first place. Keep your brand top-of-mind with a multi-layered strategy that follows them across the internet, regardless of their browsing or email behavior.

Ready to integrate lead nurturing within your lead generation strategy? We can help.

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3 Quick Ways To Nurture New Leads

Your lead generation campaign is running at high gear, and you’re subscribing new leads left and right. Great! Now what’s next? You need a plan to nurture new leads. Without a lead nurturing strategy, those new leads are practically worthless. The ultimate goal is to turn those new leads into customers. An automated lead nurturing campaign is that easiest way to get there, and dynamic content offers true personalization. But that can be time consuming. The truth is, lead nurturing doesn’t have to be complex to be high-converting. Here are three quick ways to nurture new leads right away.

1. Nurture New Leads With a Triggered Email

As soon as a new lead signs up, send them an automated email with the basics of your business, and an offer. You can get fancy later, but right now you want to nurture new leads by helping them remember who you are and why they signed up.

2. Nurture New Leads With Retargeted Ads

Now that you’ve got their email address, you can nurture new leads through a targeted advertising campaign. Upload your new leads into your ad platform of choice and match their email addresses to allow for custom targeting across the web. Show them the same offer as your initial email as a friendly reminder to “buy now.”

3. Nurture New Leads Through Social Media

You can use these email addresses to create a Custom Audience on Facebook or Instagram and nurture new leads through targeted social posts, too. Social sites allow for more context around your offer and really lets your brand personality shine through. Costs can be a bit higher, so use these posts with your top targets in combination with email and other digital ads.

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You Need Opt-In Leads To Maintain Data Privacy

Have you thought about how you safeguard your customer data? What about the marketability of your email list? You should. Data privacy regulations are moving into the United States, with California being the first (but certainly not the last) state to take a strong stance around protecting consumer data. Utilizing opt-in advertising for 100% permissioned leads ensure that you have trackable proof of consent for every email in your database. But you also need to make sure that the database itself is secure and that all data transfers use encrypted methods to protect the data in transit. Opt-in advertising can help maintain data privacy every step of the way.

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The Secret to Getting Users to Resubscribe to Your Email List

resubscribe to your email list

When you’re sitting on a growing unsubscribed email list, it can be tempting to want to send just one more email to try to win them back. But this is a bad idea, for a few reasons. It might annoy them, and it could even get you in big trouble for violating their privacy. After all, they opted out for a reason. What is that reason? It’s unlikely you know why they left, and that’s where a unique remarketing opportunity comes in. You can target these users, not through email, but through opt-in advertising designed to get them to resubscribe. Read on for the how and the why of a campaign to win back unsubscribers.

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